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For this St Patrick’s Day event, we were treated to a lively performance of traditional music by the newly formed “The Celtic Village Show Band”, comprising the very talented

  • Peter Collins, English Cittern, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Fiddle, Bodhran, Guitar, Whistle, Five String Banjo
  • Dee Jonas, Accordion,
  • Jean Kagan, Whistle, Irish Bodhran, Accordion,
  • John Manion, Irish “tenor” vocals,
  • Rose Mundell, Fiddle.


Loosely based on a theme of “Folk Music from the British Isles“, with an appropriate emphasis on Irish tunes, the wildly entertaining program also featured some special guests. Chris Bonett, coming all the way from ‘down under’ (a few years ago) by way of the Kingston Trio, performed a haunting rendition of Waltzing Matilda.  Renowned Bluegrass banjo player and singer G.T. Hodge wowed us with a virtuoso performance, during which Peter Colins joined him for Dueling Banjos, and Cliff Cook of the fabulous “Dorels” Doo Wop group joined Peter, Chris and G.T. on vocals for the rousing finale.