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How to sign up for an Event

If you are a member you first need to login with your username and password, otherwise the system will consider you a non-member.

To start the Event Sign up process just click on the event that you wish to sign up for, either from the Home page or from the Events Calendar. This will display a page showing you all the details for the event including date, place, time, cost etc. If the event is open for registration (usually 3-4 weeks before the event) on the right hand side of the screen you will see a blue button Register Now so click that to start the process.

You will now encounter the following series of screens:

1. First you need to click on the button that tells us if you are registering just yourself, or yourself and someone else, or only someone else, then click the blue Next button. (In this example below I am registering myself plus one other person)

2. If you are registering someone else you need to identify them. Click on the button that says whether they are a member or a non-member. Then click the blue Next button (in the example below the system pre-fills the first button for myself as the member, and I need to then click on the Next button depending on if they are a member or non-member)

3. If the other person is a secondary/tertiary member the system will display their name, or for any other member click the red Select guest link then enter their last name in the search box and click the blue Search button, then when their name appears in the list select it, then click the blue Next button. If other person is a non-member (guest) you will be prompted to enter their first and last name and email, then click the Next button as below (in the example below I am selecting Annette)

4.If this is a multi option event e.g. like our Whisky or Wine event which has a choice tickets, you will see an additional page now which displays each registrant one at a time and requires that you select what their choice is e.g. either the whisky or the wine (or you may want both), click the blue Next button

5. A summary page will now display and inform you of the amount to be paid. Please note that events may be only pay at the door, or pay online only or a choice of both online or at the door. If this is a payment online only event you will be informed that payment by credit card will be needed within 30 minutes. If this event allows payment at the door you will also see this option so be sure to select the correct option if it is displayed. Now click the Complete Registration button to continue with the online payment, as below and have your credit card ready.