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How to sign up as a member

  If you are wondering what happens after you click the New Member Signup link, here is the explainer.

The system will ask you to agree to our privacy policy, ask for your contact information and give you the option to tell us something about yourself. You will have the option to either pay directly online e.g. via credit card, or to pay by check later.

Your spouse/partner can sign up separately or you can add them as a secondary member. A secondary member has all the benefits of a primary member; however, they do not need to have a separate email address and login unless they want to.This is a good option if you prefer to just have one login and email for both of you. You also have the ability to add a tertiary (third) member.

The screenshots below describe the steps you will see after you click on New Member Signup from the menu at top right
1. This page is informational - just click the Next button

2. Our privacy policy is described here. Please review then click on the I agree check button then click on Next to continue

3. This is where you enter your contact information.
Boxes with a red dot are mandatory
Please only enter your address in The Villages even if you are a snowbird
By default your address, phone number and email will not display in the membership list

4.  In the Village box there is a drop down arrow and if you click on it you will see a list of all the villages, then select the one where you live

The About Me section is optional. Please can enter a few keywords that are indicative of your interests (e.g. golf, soccer, bridge, Scotland). If you are sharing your profile information with other members it will help others with similar interests to connect with you.

5. This page displays a suggested username for you, so you can either accept this or change it, then enter a password. Please make a note of your username and password so you can login later.

Passwords need to be at least 10 characters long

6. This page is a summary of what you have entered in the contact section

7  Payment

You will have the option to pay either online or by check

8. Adding a Secondary member e.g. spouse, partner or Tertiary member e.g. other family

Once you have completed signing up yourself as a member and have paid the fee you can now log in to the website and click on your name in the right hand top corner which will display the options below. The Profile is the one we need to select here

9. Adding a Secondary member - Profile options

After clicking on the Profile you will see a new page with several options. This is where you can change any of the information you had previously entered such as contact information, additional information (village, About Me), username and password.

Also, in the Standard Member Directory section you can change what information you want to be visible in the Membership Directory (the default setting only shows your name and bio, no contact information).

To add a secondary or tertiary member click the blue link with the text Additional Members in your account at the bottom on left hand side (underlined in red below)

10. Adding a Secondary member - enter their name and optional email address

After clicking the link in the previous step a new page will display and give you the option to add a secondary or tertiary member as shown below. You do this by clicking the green + sign in the corresponding box which will open a small box on the right side were you enter their name and, optionally their email address. If the secondary member has their own email address and wishes to also receive emails from the Club then you can enter it here. After you update that the Secondary member box on the left hand side will display their name and also the club fee owing. After you save this screen it will take you to the payment screen which is like what you saw when you signed up yourself as member.

To add a tertiary member click on the Tertiary member box.

Example showing both a Secondary and Tertiary member