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HomeForgotten username or password
If you have forgotten your username or password here is a set of screenshots that explain how to reset these

Please note that there are two main parts to this process:

First,  you will request and receive via email your temporary username and password

Second, after logging in you will then be able to enter a username and password of your own choosing

Ready? then let's get started

1. The Login page

So you are at the login page and do not remember either your username or password, so the first thing to do is to click the blue Forgot my Username/Password button

After you click on that button you will then be presented with the following simple dialog box that will ask for your email and also your name - your first name should be sufficient
In this example Nick has entered his email address and also his first name

After pressing the OK button the system will then search it's database, locate your member profile and send you an email with a temporary username and password. Your email should have a subject line of "Brits 'n' US Club - Password Change" and will come from Joy Farenden, our Membership Director.
If you don't see the email within 2-3 minutes check your Spam folder or check email on your phone if you have that handy.

Using Nick's example above, he received this email:

So you need to write down these credentials for temporary User name and Password and you will use them to login 

2. Back to the Login page with your temporary credentials

With your temporary credentials in hand, go back to the login page and enter them

Click the Login button when done

The system will now show you the following dialog box which is where you can enter a username and password of your own choosing, as below:

Your choices here will be the ones that you will then use going forward. It is recommended that you use your email address as the User Name, and for the password enter something you are likely to remember (minimum of 10 characters).  The system should rate your password as either Strong or Medium - if it's Weak then try with a different password - in our example Nick's password is shown as Medium in the yellow box.

Be sure to check the "Remember me on this computer" check box (assuming you are not using a public computer or one shared with others) - by doing this the system will remember you and you won't have to remember your credentials each time you login.

Click the Login button and that's it, you are done!

Now to make sure of this go back to the login page and the system should remember you and log you in automatically. If for whatever reason it does not, enter your new credentials and it should then log you in.