Signups for January 2022 Events

We are pleased to announce that our January 2022 events are now open for signup.

Please note that to signup online you MUST be logged in to our website. (Although this has always been required for RSVPs, it is now also required for our ticketing system which has been upgraded with a more streamlined user interface.) If you don’t already have an account, you will need to register your email address, either as a member ($10 per year) or simply as a registered user (free). We do not share your email and if you do not wish to receive our newsletter you can opt out. You are invited to review our privacy policy.

We encourage everyone to handle registration/membership and RSVP/tickets online and have provided extensive guidance on our FAQ page. However, we understand that this is easier for some than for others and if you need additional help, please call Bob at 412-953-8704.