Annual General Meeting January 2018

As previously announced, the next Annual General Meeting of the Brits ‘n’ US Club will be held in accordance with the club by laws at the beginning of Movie Trivia Night at Odell Rec Center on Saturday, January 13th, 2018, starting at 6 pm.

Election of Officers

The main item of business will be the election of officers for 2018.  We thank the 2017 officers for their contributions and are pleased to propose the following slate of candidates for 2018.  Please encourage them by showing up to vote.  Pllan to arrive a little before the 6 pm start time so that we can start promptly and move on to the entertainment.  All members of good standing as of that date are eligible to vote and it is important that we achieve a quorum.

Position 2017 Incumbent 2018 Candidates
President Keith Dobson Patty Olyarchik
Vice President Tony Murray Linda Rios
Treasurer Linda Rios Susan Reese
Secretary Annette Geiss Annette Geiss
Events (shared) (shared)
Membership Director Patty Olyarchik Rachel Fizer
Publicity Director Tony Murray Penny Thomas
Webmaster Bob Eagles Bob Eagles
Club Photographer (none, new position) Dilys Snowden
Past President John Ellis Keith Dobson

Relevant By Laws

The following excerpts from the Brits ‘n’ US Club By-Laws apply.


Annual GMs of MEMBERs are held to enable MEMBERs to receive reports from its OFFICERs including on its financial status, and to elect OFFICERs and consider changes to its BY-LAWS and fees structures. …

6.1 An Annual GM shall be held as close to the end of the YEAR as is practicable. The Secretary or an alternative OFFICER appointed by the President shall notify all Members and OFFICERS of the place, date and time at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The standing agenda and order of business shall be of the form:

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call and verification of Quorum.
3. APPROVAL of minutes of previous YEAR’s Annual GM
4. President’s report
5. Review and APPROVE changes to By-Laws (if any)
6. Treasurer’s report
7. Review and APPROVE MEMBERs’ dues and fees
8. Election of OFFICERs
9. Appoint Auditor
10. Announcements and Adjournment

After adjournment The Chair shall invite discussion from the floor.

6.3 Quorums:

a) a quorum at a GM must be 20 MEMBERs or 20% of the membership whichever is greater, which must include four
(4) OFFICERs, one of whom shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer;
b) an Extraordinary GM shall require the attendance of the petitioner and at least one of the signatories to the petition;
c) if the initial conditions of the quorum are not met, a further meeting shall be called with a minimum of 15 days’ notice, requiring only a quorum of four OFFICERs and 12 MEMBERs.
6.4 All present MEMBERs may vote except The Chair who has only a casting vote.