Last Updated on November 30, 2021

The club is now over half way through the four month shutdown that we felt necessary to impose in September due to renewed COVID-19 concerns.  Happily, the outlook today is much more promising and we feel good about resuming indoor events in January, as planned, and the prospect of renewing friendships with many members, especially those from overseas whom we have not seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

We are excited to share with you a full calendar of events for 2022, starting with two dates in the month of January:  Brian Gillie, “The one man band, who plays everything”, on Jan 23rd and the ever popular “Burns Supper” tribute to the great Scottish poet on Jan 28thFebruary’s event (on the 27th) will take us back to the “days of sail” and the Sea Shanties familiar to our British and American seafaring forebears.  The following month will see the return of two annual favorites: Whisky Tasting on Mar 18th and Highland Games on Mar 26.  To see the full list, please click on the preceding link.

As you will understand, bringing you this entertainment requires the combined efforts of our club’s board, including the latest additions to our team, LuAnn Schafer, who has kindly taken on the role of club secretary and Annette Geiss, helping with memberships.  Many of the current board members have generously agreed to continue to serve, in one role or another, as we relaunch the club in 2022, but we cannot, and should not, impose on them indefinitely.  Ideally another one or two volunteers will step forward soon (the more the merrier, all positions are open).  If you enjoy this club and wish to see it continue beyond the middle of next year, we urge you to open a conversation with any of the current board members (whose names and email addresses are listed on our Contacts page) to identify where you might best contribute. Failing that, persuade a friend!

We will conduct the Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the Jan 23rd event (Brian Gillie) and we are hoping for a strong turnout in support of the club.  A slate of officers will be proposed for election, once we know all of  the volunteers we can count on, and the financial report will show that the club is in excellent health.  With a steady influx of volunteers there can be many happy years ahead of us; alternatively, we may have to wind up the club before the end of 2022.