Quick Tour

Take a quick tour of the website’s Membership features. Click on any image for a closer look, or click on any link to go to a related webpage.


Register with our club to get on our mailing list and to sign up for events.


Start at the Register/Signup/Join page located under the MailingList/Membership menu.

Subscription Plans and Payment Methods

Under Subscription Plan choose whether to register or to join and, if joining, the method you will use to pay your dues.

  • Registered User – No charge.
    Added to mailing list, can sign up for events, pays guest fee each time.
  • Member – annual fee (currently $10).
    Pays member rate at events and has access to members-only features on this website.

If you’re not ready to join, choose Registered User now and you’ll be able to Upgrade later from your My Profile page.

If you choose Member you’ll also Select a Payment Method,

  • PayPal – to pay by credit card or from your PayPal account.
  • Manual/Offline – to pay by cash or check at the next event.

Complete the rest of the required information, including unique email address, first and last names, etc.

Unique Email Address

Our system requires each account on this website to have a unique email address. If you and your spouse/partner typically share the same email address, please refer to this FAQ before attempting to signup the second person.


Before you can submit the form you will need to “Confirm you are a real person” by checking on the reCAPTCHA checkbox. This helps protect our website from automated internet attacks.

Usually you’ll just need to check one box, although on your first visit you may also have to respond to another challenge.

Account Created

Once your submission has been accepted, you’ll see an online message confirming that your account has been created. Your email address will be added to our mailing list shortly afterwards.

Finalizing Payment

Registered Users are now ready to go, but Members will need to finalize payment according the method selected.

If you selected the PayPal payment method, you will be redirected to their website to complete payment and afterwards redirected back to our website as a fully fledged Member.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card, and if prompted to create an account you can simply click on the Not Now link at the bottom of that page.

If you selected Manual/Offline payment method please bring your cash or check to the next event you attend. Until the Membership Director has received and recorded your payment your subscription will be in Pending status and you will not have access to members-only features.

Member Badge

A badge is printed for every new member and will usually be ready for pick up at the next event. If you have questions or need a replacement, please contact [email protected].

Review Your Profile

Now that you have an account, head you should check your profile. You’ll need to login first. If you have mislaid your password, click on the Lost your password? link.

The My Profile page shows you all the information we have on you and allows you to make changes. This is where you go to check your status, renew an expired subscription and even delete your account if you are moving on.

Subscription Status and Actions

Right at the top of My Profile you’ll see Account Information including Status , Expiration Date and available Actions.

If you are within 30 days of expiration date, or already expired, you can Renew.
If you are a registered user you can Upgrade.
At any time you can Cancel or Abandon the subscription or Delete the entire account.

These options and their implications are explained on the FAQ page.

Extra Contact Info and Payment History

Towards the bottom of My Profile is the Extra Contact Info that we ask Members to keep up do date (see Editing below).

At the very bottom you’ll see your Payment History (since May 2020). Contact [email protected] if you believe this to be incorrect.

Editing Extra Contact Info

To make changes to your extra contact information, click the make changes here link to bring up another window…

… where you can make the necessary changes.

We also encourage you to upload a small picture of your face in the Avatar section. Other active members will be able to see this next to your name in the Member List and Member Messaging.

Members-only Features

As well as getting into our events at the member rate, all currently active Members have access to these features…

Member List is a simple directory listing of active members along with their picture and bio information if provided. Click on the green icon to refresh the content.

Member Messaging is a simple mailbox feature that allows active members to contact each other without involuntarily revealing phone or address information.

Signup for Events

Check out our Events page for upcoming activities. Click on an event to find its details and then follow the instructions on how to sign up.

We encourage online signup using your registered user or member account. You can also sign up other people in your party, whether or not they already have an account, but if they do, be sure to enter their first and last name accurately so that we can identify their status and apply the member rate to active members.

Other Helpful Resources