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Please use the following email addresses (which are not case-sensitive) to contact key members of the club.

Executive Committee

Position Current Incumbent Email Address
President Tony Murray President@BritsnUS.Club
Vice President Linda Rios VP@BritsnUS.Club
Secretary Julia Eagles Secretary@BritsnUS.Club
Treasurer Bob Eagles Treasurer@BritsnUS.Club
Past President Buck Buchanan PastPres@BritsnUS.Club


Team Leader Email Address
Events Patty Olyarchik Events@BritsnUS.Club
Scottish Liaison Tony Murray Scots@BritsnUS.Club
Membership Mary Pugh Membership@BritsnUS.Club
Publicity Patty Olyarchik Publicity@BritsnUS.Club
Website Bob Eagles Webmaster@BritsnUS.Club
Photographs Nancy McNeil Photos@BritsnUS.Club