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After reviewing The Villages’ latest (April 30th) guidelines for resident lifestyle volunteer groups (available at and considering the best interests of our members and volunteers, the board has decided to cancel all events through August and make September our tentative target for the resumption of normal operations, circumstances permitting

We believe this is the right decision in light of the prevailing uncertainties and an overriding desire not to expose anyone to unnecessary risk for what are, after all, non-essential activities. It also means that our volunteers avoid the churn of repeated cancelations and can use the downtime to revamp the club’s membership and events systems. We expect soon to be announcing streamlined processes for membership subscriptions/renewals and event reservations/tickets, with online payments available for both.

Recognizing that members are currently receiving no value in return for their annual subscription, the board has decided to extend memberships by the number of months for which we cancel events. If the club resumes in September we will have canceled events for 5 months, so if your membership expired, for example, on Apr 30 it will be extended thru September 30; if it was due to expire Jan 31, 2021 it will be extended thru Jun 2021.

On behalf of the full board, I wish you all a healthy and happy summer,

Bob Eagles